Accounting Services

The Importance of Bookkeeping Accounting for Small to Medium Businesses

Mostly accounting refers to the bookkeeping process that is in compliance with Philipines accounting standards is found in various laws and regulations, including the Limited Liability Company Law, the Tax laws and their implementing regulations.

In every company, there will be many transactions. For both expenses and incomes, all data must be collected and analysed, to determine the financial flow and development of your company. Auditing is important to know the mistakes made during the stated period.

Our professional accountants will provide a range of audit services based on a strong knowledge of accounting principles. These are complemented by an appropriate knowledge of business systems, processes and controls.

It is our biggest responsibility to ensure that our Clients’ bookkeeping are comply to the accounting standards. With our management report package, Clients will understand their financial information, and will be able to review and decide their business plan both monthly and annually.

Bookkeeping Services

- Bank reconciliations
- Credit management
- Accounts Receivable Aging
- Accounts Payable Aging
- Payroll Service

Financial Reporting

- Trial balance reconciliation
- Balance sheets preparation
- Income statements preparation
- Custom financial reports
- Monthly reviews of company’s